In 1952 the company Wolf Maschinenfabrik GmbH was founded by Franz Wolf, a master of engineering, in Weingarten (Baden) Germany.

At that time the company was producing self developed woodworking and noodle machines which were exported Europe-wide, aswell as machinery bodies and single components for the engineering industry.


Today, on a company premises of 10.000m², high-class steal and special welding constructions are produced.



In 1972 the two sons Walter and Kunibert Wolf successfully took over the general management from their father.


In 2001 the third generation joined the company. Today it is managed together by Kunibert Wolf and his son Thorben Wolf.






Today the main products which are produced and machined are machinery bodies, plates and chassis, special welding constructions and complex single components made from steal for the special engineering, heavy and automotive industry.