The Customer

The customer is in the center of our daily acting. His entire satisfaction with our products and services is our main goal. To realize individual customer requests and wishes is self-evident for us.


In ongoing processes with our customers and through inter-divisional thinking and acting in our company we try to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

We are acting in a constructive and faithful cooperation with our customers.

If we see construction or building conflicts that could be optimized to save money or improve the component we are steping up to our customers to realize those improvements.



Quality & Delivery Reliability

To realize our customers' requests and wishes for highest quality is self-evident for us.


The highest quality is just good enough for our customers.


We guarantee our customers to build and deliever our products within the agreed time.

The Employee

All our employees are having a great technical knowledge, engagement and working quality.

We believe it is imporant to interact fair and social with each other and our daily behaviour is formed by respect.

Only motivated and loyal employees can reach first class performance every day.


Becausing working time is also lifetime.