Today the main production and core competence is in producing and machining machinery bodies, plates, chassis, special welding constructions, complex single components made from steal, aswell as mechanically machined steal components for the special engineering-, heavy- and automotive industry.


We are producing machined, blasted, primed and painted steal components in highest quality. 


Due to our flexible production schedules and great in-house production depth we are able to realize short and flexible cycle times easily.

That is why we can realize short term delivery dates from our customers effortlessly.


Special Welding Construction


In different welding methods we are producing special welding constructions due to the wishes of our customers.

Highly qualified employees and International welding specialists (IWS) guarantee that all our welding constructions are accurate and having highest quality.

On regular basis our constructions are audited by the FE test procedure.


We are also producing base frames, plates, chassis, machinery bodies, aswell as complex single components made from steal, including machining.


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